Family-owned winery located in San Floriano del Collio - Gorizia, which produces handcrafted wines, according to ancient traditional methods of Collio respecting nature and the health of consumers.


The San Floriano village, with its 276 meters above sea level, is the highest peak of the hill area over the city of Gorizia, cut in two parts by the border between Italy and Slovenia, called Collio (or Brda on the Slovene side). Its geographical position is an extremely rare and vital example of microclimate, with cold winds from Russia coming down through the Vipava and Isonzo valleys, and, on the other side, wet and hot winds gently blowing from the Mediterranean Sea. On the back, as a solid shoulder, the protection of the Alps. This climatic and geographic factors together with the mineral-rich soil of hard sands and softer silt called Ponka by the locals, form an especially good place for wine-growing, formerly discovered by ancient Romans.


Our agriturismo offers 6 comfortable and large rooms with open view on San Floriano del Collio's vineyards and woods. In the morning there will be a fresh and rich breakfast with many local produce. In the warmer season it may be served on your room's terrace. Only 5 minutes far from Gorizia and the highway, the Paraschos' Agriturismo is the right base for your trips to Collio, Friuli, Trieste, Slovenia and Croatia.